Street Divaz Riders Association

Womens Motorcycle Organization



Thanks to all of our supporters who believed in our mission and purpose. We have become a support system for other female riders who are new and experienc
ed to riding and we are making a difference in our community's. With hard work and perseverance, ANYTHING is possible and we are blessed have come this far...but we are not done. Keep an eye out for the Street Divaz because we will be making an even BIGGER impact in the years to come.

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Mission and Vision 

Street Divaz Riders Association is a non-profit motorcycle group in Pocono Mts. Pennsylvania that promotes sisterhood.  Our vision is that we would bring together women motorcycle riders with like-minded interests in motorcycling, as well as fellowshipping in other group events and rallies.  Our mission is to partake in community organized and charitable events.                     


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